Reverb for dummies


So I’ve been playing with the creator and I seriously can’t really hear a difference for the different kinds of reverbs. Can anyone explain to me what each of them re supposed to do, or can someone point me to a good sound I can test them with to hear the difference myself?


The reverb settings show the biggest effect the further you put the sound away from the origin. Caves reverberate the sound differently than Mountains, like a small echo in a confined space reflected by numerous walls in contrast to a wide space with just small reverberation in itself but a spacious reflection of sound due to surroundings. Carpeted Hallways reverberate differently than Stone Rooms…

To test it, use voice samples, than it becomes quite obvious. Sometimes the differences are very subtle and can’t be recognized easily. Best wear headphones when trying to figure out the differences. :wink:

I hope this helps a little.


@Joshualucasfern Hey, should I make a special SoundSet for SuperSyrins demoing the different kinds of reverb and letting people import it into the Creator and play there?


@benjamin That would be amazing. I’ve been playing around with it a bit more and have started to notice slight differences and it’s very subtle. Would be nice to hear what they’re supposed to sound like


Hey @Joshualucasfern

OK. I’ve built a SoundSet “Reverb Tester” SoundSet and made it available as community content.

Works for you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perfect! Just tested it and it’s really easy to hear the differences in each different reverb style. Plus it would be easy to expand to include the other reverb options if I wanted to test them