RESOLVED - Syrinscape was not able to load its soundset data

syrinscape was not able to load its soundset data.

I was getting the unable to load soundset data when trying to install new soundsets. So I reinstalled latest version and now get this message.

I believe there was an issue during a 1 hour window when daylight savings time ended (in Australia) last night. We’ll make some changes to ensure this particular error doesn’t happen again! :smiley:

Seems this issue have not been resolved. I’m having this issue on my android device today, and my country (Sweden) entered Day light saving today.

Working now? :robot: :hammer:

Hum, no. Still not working. I have tried restarting the device and re-installing the app. So seems unrelated to this thread.

It works on other platforms, so seems to be related to the tablet. It’s a pretty old one, running Android 7, could that be the cause?