RESOLVED - Error 500 in importing, usual issues absent

Hi all,

First time trying to upload sound clip (which required watching 3 tutorials, as it’s insanely well hidden under the elements tab), anyway:

As far as I can tell from looking at quite a lot of other threads on this exact topic, only five standard requirements:

Stereo: done
16 bit: Through audacity, corrected
WAV file: Again, done through audacity
No metadata: Audacity isn’t showing anything in its list
Frequency: 44.1 khz

I get an Error 500 and then a massive splurge of detail that I can’t extract anything clearer from. Can drop it in if requested (seems at least to be the same each time it happens)

I believe there was an issue during a 1 hour window when daylight savings time ended (in Australia) last night. We’ll make some changes to ensure this particular error doesn’t happen again! :smiley: