Resizable Player windows


Is it possible for you to introduce feature to change the size of online player. I know 99% of my playtime it is hidden in the background, but it grew once to 100% of my width and height and now I cannot reduce it and it is pretty annoying to keep it that way and click around when I want to reach windows under :smiley:

Not sure how that happened - it was long ago, but I always forget to write about it after the game.

Most likely reasons were:

  1. Moving window to the top edge of Windows Desktop
  2. pin out and in one of my screens which changed resolution or orientation of the desktop

Or… any other way I can reset it’s size… it’s hilarious how huge it is right now :smiley:


If you turn on a second (or more) monitors whilst the Online Player is open it can cause it to enlarge the Online Player beyond its set size.

This post has the fix you will need to get it back to normal :slight_smile: The Online Player is stuck looking huge (or tiny) - HOW TO FIX


@ivellios_mirimafea Our next release should allow resizing. Also in the next release, installing and/or uninstalling the app should clean up the registry entries where the window dimensions are saved to reset things back to original state.


Cool! Actually the registry fix helped me already, but I am advanced user, so I know how to dig in the tech stuff to make things happen :wink: Thanks for the info. Good to know that.