Resending email confirmation

I’m trying to purchase a pack, however I’m getting an error that I need to go reply to an email. I checked for email didn’t see, nor in spam. So I was hopeful to just resend.

Hey @thorun09,

Try again now. :slight_smile:

I’m having alot of issues, and not the best with all this. I’m starting to get pretty frustrated, as all I wanted to do was play this for the group on Fantasy Grounds. I bought one set, learned I couldn’t get it to work with the syrinscape online player, then signed up for the dnd sub, and again can’t use it online. I see no way to cancel anything. I know I’m not the best with these things, I can’t even find my account (with options to upgrade/cancel, etc).

Hey, don’t get frustrated, reach out for help.

NOTE for the fastest response, grab us on support at syrinscape dot com and we’ll sort you out.

Indeed, you’ll need a SuperSyrin sub to invite players into your game. You can simply sign up for that level and our server will do the calc for any partial payments required etc.

Let us know if you have any difficulties (via the support email ideally). :slight_smile: