Request: More Attacking Creature Sounds?


I went under samples and did a search for attack(ing), hoping to find some attacking creature sounds, but didn’t get much for results. So either the search tagging needs improvement, or we need more creature attack sounds.


We have tons of battle soundsets, look under battle, such as “undead Battle” or the name of the creature that you want to pit your players against


If that’s the case then, it must be the search engine and/or lack of good sound tagging.

If I am looking for sounds of an attacking creature, “attack” should come up with results.

(Was looking for Ghost or Specter attack sounds, so since I came up empty, I uploaded my own)


It may very well be, that certain creatures/monsters have “attack” sounds, that don’t fit into that naming scheme. Banshee may have “moans” or “noises”, big monsters may have “roars”, smaller ones may have “grunts”. The attack type of monsters, or encounters in general, largely depends on how that creature is described in the corresponding bestiary. So while you are looking for attack sounds, it may be best, as @Steve suggested, to check the type of creature you plan to throw at your players and copy the elements directly into your creation. :slight_smile:


I get that.

I simply brought this up so that the devs who where their users are struggling. I tried 5 different “ghost” attack searches to no avail. Searching for sound samples should be better and I get that a giant dragon wing flap could also be a flag in the wind or someone pulling a tablecloth under some fine dining, as a magic trick…

I get that there are ways around finding sounds better, but I am simply expressing this frustration, mainly to help improve the product.

Search for Ghost, Specter, and Banshee and see what you get. There should at least be some ghost-like attack sounds.

I get the impression that search only searches the file name, which is a bad search engine when it comes to locating sounds. Imagine a half million or more sounds and only searching by name. Yikes!


OK, I see what’s happening, searching for individual samples is what needs improvement, but searching for elements yielded much better success.

Whew, the learning curve is daunting, but I’m getting it, slowly but surely.


As we’ve mentioned in other posts we are looking at ways to improve the search function, particularly for samples however we have thousands of individual samples, many of which can be used in many different ways and that number keeps growing as more content is added. It’s on an ongoing process which we are working on.

Going through all of those samples and tagging them in a way that is logical and easy for people to find is a HUGE task, one persons Sword strike is another person’s blacksmith hammer or someone elses machinery clanks. As always we are always looking to improve the apps and work is always being done to make things better :slight_smile:


And while the search engine is being worked on and you’re working on your own, don’t hesitate to ask for searching help from the forum brain trust! Wraith Battle, Deserted House, Misgivings House, LMoP’s The Spider’s Web, In the Lair of the Siren, and Haunted Heart have excellent ghostly sounds/ghostly attack sounds. Swarm Attack in the Sci-Fi player have a mood called “Spirits of the Lost Ark” which does the job wonderfully too. For a different kind of ghost wail, I like the one-shot voonith howl from Voonith Battle.