Report each bug you find as a separate topic


The dev team and I will respond to each bug… in its own thread. And mark it INVALID or FIXED or WORKING ON IT as seems right.



How do you want us to send the crash reports (the files)?


Send them to us at and then we can take a look :smile:


OK - I’ve finally gotten back to using this and I’m now finding that my players can hear the sounds but I as the “master” do not hear them which is odd. Has anything changed or is this some sort of issue that I’m having? My previous experience was that both the master and the minion was able to hear sound. Thanks!


Hi @daxdoomslayer

Are you running a Minion Player yourself so you have someting to play the sounds you are clicking in the Master UI?


Hi @benjamin,
I only have the master open. So I’ll need to open a minion for myself when I’m the master? Huh - that’s something different than previous. So how do I do this? If I launch the link, it just automatically opens me back to the Master/Minion account page. Sorry for my obtuseness…


Not different than previous… lols :smiley: Unless you were magically hearing the sounds?!

Either way… download the Minion Player from the Master/Minion account management page and run. You might need to pair the Minion with your account, but if you’ve ever done that before it will already be paired.

Let know how you get on.

Master/Minion Issue

Thanks @benjamin. Oddly, I still am not hearing anything even without minions. This is what I’m doing.
1). Launch the Syrinscape.exe
2). A small window pops up that is the “Syrinscape Minion”. I click the upper right icon that looks like a broken paperclip.
3). Another small window pops up indicating “This device is not linked to any account”. It gives a Device ID number along with a button to “Link Device”. I click the “Link Device” button.
4). This launches a web page “Link Minion with Pin”. On it it gives a Pin Code; Device uuid; Device Name; User Email Address and a green button with “Link Minion”. I click the green button “Link Minion”.
5). This brings me to a page that lists me as the Game Master; a list of the minions I have with buttons to Go to the Master UI; Get Link and End Game. To the right lists the Linked Devices. I click on the blue button “Go to Master UI”.
6). This takes me to the Syrinscape sound sets which I can click on. I click on “Bugbear Battle” which then brings up the specific music and sounds for that soundset. All the soundsets are colored gray other than the first (“battle music”) which the name shows in a blue box.
7). I click “battle music”. A quick blue circle arrow appears in the upper left corner showing it’s ‘processing the request’. The sound that I clicked on (“battle music”). The whole icon is now blue but no sound is heard. When I click it again, it grays out like the others though the name of the icon ‘battle music’ still is in blue as when I first saw it.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


@benjamin - Hi Benjamin - any input on this? Thanks.