Reorder my campaigns


I think some of us have already mentionned it, but i have issues with the order of my campaigns both on the website and on the player,

When i try to reorder my campaigns on the website sections it appears that they begin to randomly switch after a few days/weeks

Todays i reordered it again, but as soon as i leave and come back to the site the order have been randomized.

I find it … Very frustrating … Considering the nomber of campaigns i created.


Yeah, something we still need to get to to fix!

You’ll be pleased to know that you can scroll through the Campaigns (once you go off the bottom of the column) in the version of Syrinscape that I am testing today.

We have a couple of visual glitches to work on…


We had some MAJOR audio issues that occurred because of upgrading to new versions of Unity… but they are all fixed now.

I’ll bump the Campaign re-ording ticket UP a bit, because of your mention (it should actually be reasonably simple once dev gets to it).



Hi there !

This issue is not fixed, right? I got the same rearrange problem.


Yeah… :disappointed_relieved:not fixed yet.

Still a lot of stuff on the list above it.

Getting there… but not yet.

One thing we DID fix, is that in the App you can now scroll down your many Campaigns if you have enough to make the bottom ones go off the screen. That was a pain when THAT first happened to me.