Reorder my campaigns

I think some of us have already mentionned it, but i have issues with the order of my campaigns both on the website and on the player,

When i try to reorder my campaigns on the website sections it appears that they begin to randomly switch after a few days/weeks

Todays i reordered it again, but as soon as i leave and come back to the site the order have been randomized.

I find it … Very frustrating … Considering the nomber of campaigns i created.

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Yeah, something we still need to get to to fix!

You’ll be pleased to know that you can scroll through the Campaigns (once you go off the bottom of the column) in the version of Syrinscape that I am testing today.

We have a couple of visual glitches to work on…


We had some MAJOR audio issues that occurred because of upgrading to new versions of Unity… but they are all fixed now.

I’ll bump the Campaign re-ording ticket UP a bit, because of your mention (it should actually be reasonably simple once dev gets to it).


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Hi there !

This issue is not fixed, right? I got the same rearrange problem.

Yeah… :disappointed_relieved:not fixed yet.

Still a lot of stuff on the list above it.

Getting there… but not yet.

One thing we DID fix, is that in the App you can now scroll down your many Campaigns if you have enough to make the bottom ones go off the screen. That was a pain when THAT first happened to me.

Can you please fix it now please ?

I try to reorder the soundsets in my campaigns but then they randomly switch and i can’t do anything to manually reorder it !

I litteraly near stopped to use syrinscape because i can’t find the proper soundset because my campaigns are a mess …

Seriously look at this

I didn’t put them into this order AT ALL, and if i try to move the soundset into this campaign nothing happen.

I think you have to change how you can manage the campaign via web interface, nothing work anymore and i’d loose less time if i just don’t use the feature at all …

I can confirm that this awful bug is back too! And for the record, the new way All Soundsets in the app are listed is atrocious. Not sure why they’re in such a random and chaotic list now.

This is a fun one. To re-order the SoundSet lists the server needs to be able to take huge chunks of data and sort them… we have used (over the years) various different manual sorting methods (through the CMS Admin, then in the Online Player), as each of these methods failed due to the HUGELY increasing size of SoundSets in the database (including everyone’s private custom content) we have worked on more and more optimisations, but they are all now dead.

Soooo… we now have a ticket which is 90% done and almost ready to deploy to go to a totally automated ordering (which @sonofconan has been suggesting for ages).

That will permanently fix this, yes indeed, very weird, unfixable state the ALL SoundSets list is currently in!

Makes sense? :slight_smile:


As for the other bugs:

  1. You definitely should be able to re-order SoundSets in a Campaign… @sonofconan check this out? @florian_turchet I can definitely reorder mine… have you tried a different browser? Different device?
  2. Reordering Campaigns is still something that is waiting to pop to the top of the priority list and get fixed.
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Looking forward to it’s implementation!

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Sorry to unearth this topic but … One year later, and i still can’t reorder my soundset into my campaigns, and the campaign order is still a mess.

Is there a problem with Firefox ?

EDIT : Nop, neither on IE, and i don’t feel like installing Chrome just for it

You see … I’ve been a Sypersyrin subscriver since 2015 and there have been a lot of soundsets released. Managing these, keeping track of the new release and finally listen them when i sort them in campaign is a way to enjoy the musics i certainly can’t put in my adventures (at least not all of them). Soo it’s really frustrating if i can’t :neutral_face:


I’m unearthing this topic to know if anything will be done shortly about the campaign reordering issue.

I know the issue may not be on the priority list … but it has been 4 years since i mentionned the problem :sweat_smile:

Still difficult to order anything in th soundset creator without the campaign sorting fixed.

Thanks !

I too would be interested in seeing this fixed. I know I used to be able to drag and drop within a campaign but it doesn’t work anymore.

It appears this is fixed! Thank you very much.

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It gets weirder. One of my campaigns will reorder, but another will not.


It worked for one campaign but not the other while in the All Campaigns screen. The campaign that did not work, started working again when I switched to the Fantasy Campaigns screen.

Can’t see any improvement : When i do some sorting in my Fantasy campaigns, switch to sci fi and go back to fantasy, everything is a mess again.

Pretty much anoying.

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Has this issue been resolved? It is very frustrating trying to reorder my campaign list. Trying to drag and drop should be simple, but I waste a lot of time just getting it to reorder… and that’s when it even works. Some entries I can’t make move regardless of how many attempts.

Is there a fix to this? It’s extremely frustrating and taking up too much time for minimal results.


This is still an issue for me.

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