"Renew now" sends me to PayPal but it won't process payment

I used to have a subscription, but I let it expire when I got a new debit card. When I try and renew it send me to PayPal but then I get the following message:

Sorry, we couldn’t set up your subscription using the payment method you selected. Please try another payment method.

What do I need to do?

Hi @bruce,

THANK YOU for TRYING to throw your support behind us! Sorry you are having probs doing that.

So, what payment method ARE you using? Some european debit cards cause probs for PayPal. Most US c/c work, as do normal bank accounts.

Have you tried different payment methods (I presume yes, since that is the warning you are getting?).

If you CAN’T get it working then a Syrinscape sub Voucher might be your answer.

You can buy one of US here, without actually even needing a PayPal account:

OR from paizo, using THEIR checkout here:

Let us know how you get on! Gotta get that sound going!!! :slight_smile:

Please PLEASE stop using paypal. I just got hit with this problem. Paypal’s security is beyond insane and there is absolutely no way around it at all. None. I tried a thousand things, nothing works. Please switch to something else. Paypal doesn’t work.

Hi @shadelon,

We ARE moving away from PayPal as soon as possible.

In the meantime (until we get that done finally), do you see the two links directly above which will both let you grab a Syrinscape sub without a PayPal account. Do either of those work for you? :slight_smile:

Hey @benjamin I tried renewing today. I originally had my payments set up to come from the PayPal balance, but on renewal it asks for a debit/credit card. Is there something I can do to simply take the funds from the Paypal balance?