Remove image from online creator

Under the list of soundsets and moods in the creator, there is an image which I assume has no purpose?
This shortens the visibility of the lists, which is especially problematic for long lists.

By using the browser debugger, I am able to turn its visibility to “none”, but would it be possible to have a more permanent solution?

I believe that image is supposed to be showing you what your players are seeing as artwork in the Players. That said, if you’re not interested in seeing that, since you seem to be a little technically minded, you might want to try using a Tampermonkey script with something like the following in it:

(function() {
    'use strict';

    function hideTheArtwork()
        var artwork = jQuery('.soundset-artwork');

        if (artwork.length > 0) return artwork.css('display', 'none');
        setTimeout(hideTheArtwork, 100);


That seems to work, hope it helps you out :slight_smile: Let me know how you go :+1:

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I’ve never run user scripts in the browser before.
Not even sure I’m allowed, I use a work laptop usually.
I’ll see if I can.

However, I’m still not clear on what the purpose of this image is.
What does it matter what the image in the player is? Especially as there are limited images and they repeat for several soundsets anyway.
Does it matter what image that is? I mean, if there was a way to change it and make it custom for each soundset, I would understand, but the way it is makes little sense to me I’m afraid :frowning:

Hi @nimrod_yanai,

Every piece of official content has a unique peice of evocative art. You are seeing a generic blur because yours is a personal custom SoundSet.

We’ll definitely look to making it possible to hide that with a quick click. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to be able to shut off the image as DM to my players. I am running MON and I don’t want my players know who the big bad is too early into the campaign.

If you find an image that is too spoilery (we do try to keep them as vaugue as possible), just hit Duplicate under the SoundSet inspector, that will nix the art. This will also give you a verison you can now freely customise (which I find VERY useful during actual play).

Since you are new(ish) definitely check out this vid where I talk through my live DJing methodolgy in Syrinscape.

(Though this video is missing a mention of the brand new shiny search in the Master UI that makes things even easier = you can opt into switching that on in the your profile page on the website)

And ask more questions here too, of course! :slight_smile:

Hope there is some useful info for you in all that. :smiley: