Remote player setup?

The Learning curve on Syrinscape is pretty high for me. I am trying to give remote access to just one player at this point. He and I are trying to climb the learning curve ladder together, as it is too much for just my lil ole brain. (shaped like a football, can only juggle so many tasks at one time.)

There is a place where the interface allows for another player to remotely control the sound presets. like right here…

I just want to know step by step how to get it into my minion’s player so (minion) and I can better figure Syrinscape out together for use during our campaign, the plan is for him to DJ at the start and as he learns more about DJing, to hand the reigns back to me and coach me and answer questions I will be having during session, so as to not have long parses during sessions spent on looking things up and having to stop the game to do so.

Simplicity, that is my aim at this point, I will add complicity later, after having mastered my simple Syrinscape tasks first.

If you want to keep it really simple, I’d use one of Syrinscapes official SoundSets just for ease or moving through the moods as you move through the chapters and share the link above the one you’ve got circled to share your game with your players. However, this does mean you’ll be the DJ.

Your friend and any other players will need to have the Syrinscape Online Player app open and be linked to your game to be able to hear the sounds. It will show you as the Game Master.

This video in particular will be useful for getting all of that set up:

If your friend wants to be the DJ it may be best for them to control everything from the Master Interface on their end and invite you to their game. They’ll need a Supersyrin sub for this though. However, there is the 30 day free trial for them to try. They’ll then need to send you the link to their game. You and all your other players will need to have the Online Player app open and linked to their game to hear it and it will show your friend as the Game Master.

I hope that makes sense.

If you need more info on anything, check out the playlist on our YouTube channel which will show you how to get started with the basics and even how to DJ a game which you’ll find here:

Let’s get even simpler… I have a minion. check. Now, i need to make that minion be a Remote Control Minion. What are the steps to do this switch, and what signs do I look for to make sure I did it correctly?

Here is what I have tried:

  1. kick the minion
  2. then have minion re-invited.
  3. The re-invite does not have a way for me to enter the keycode for the RC minion. Where do I enter that new keycode so I can have that player be enabled for RC?

Maybe @benjamin or even @Steve could jump in on this one? Perhaps I have something more to learn here.

I also did an uninstall of the minion client on his machine, and then re-installed Syrinscape Online player and watched carefully for a prompt that would ask for the keycode during installation process, no dice. But, client is now a minion again, at least.

Vicki, thank you so much for helps given.

Mind, this is without the Remote Control access keycode involved, I found this in the hamburger menu… Here is a pic.

not sure what to do with this file, does it go into the client’s folder after we have the RC keycode squared away?

Hi @Valiance,

I’ll jump in here.

So just to be 100% clear, you are trying to give your Player access to complete control of the sound. You have the SuperSyrin subscription, but you’d like your Player to be the DJ?

If this is a yes, then one more question:

  1. Do you need your player (friend) to ONLY, trigger some standard MOODS and existing OneShots OR DO YOU
  2. Need your player (friend) to be able to DJ, mixing and matching, adjusting, starting new sounds, changing the volume etc?


  1. Send your player the remote control links in the post above and they can work out a convienient way of triggering them for themselves (stream deck) (windows shortcuts)
  2. change your password, and give your friend access to your Syrinscape account temporarily (not reeeeally recommended but certainly possible)
  3. they subscribe to a SuperSyrin (30 day free trial?)


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first answer is yes, I wanted my player to have access to complete control of the sound… I wanted him to run the sound deck while I DM, until I can learn to DJ and DM at the same time.

  1. At first, I would like for him to do all the triggers for sounds and moods. If I can do that as well while he is DJing, for a gentle hand off, I would prefer that.
  2. I would like my friend to be able to DJ, mixing and matching, adjusting, starting new sounds, etc.


  1. I did want to set up the remote control links as in the post above, he could work out a way for triggering them himself. I was having tech difficulty getting this to work.
  2. I thought of changing password, and giving him access, was trying to avoid it, thought there might be compications on the copywrite end of things, wanted to stay totally above board. But, i thought of it.
  3. I think he did spark a 30 day trial, I was hoping to avoid having all my players pay to play my game, still hoping that is an avoidable solution.

I must really be bending the rules here, I did not realize the software was not meant to do this kind of thing. I am going to spend my time learning to DJ myself for games I play in. Once I get that under my belt, I will just DJ and DM together. That should wrap this up nicely. I will just submit a feature request after I achieve this. Thank you for the helps.

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Thanks @benjamin for jumping in.

@Valiance, looks like giving your friend access to your account will probably be the easiest solution or they pay for a Supersyrin sub once their trial runs out.

All of your other players definitely won’t need to pay. They just need to create a free account and download the Online Player app and have it open to hear the sounds.

I hope that helps.

Also, as someone who does run a game and DJ at the same time, switching between Moods and triggering sounds is actually very easy if you have it all prepped and ready to go. I wouldn’t consider myself an advanced user at all but I primarily use the Master Interface and I generally do create my own soundsets and trigger one shots on the fly.

My Master Interface is set up on a touch screen tablet so it literally all happens at the touch of a button and it is SUPER fun when you get it right. When you change the Mood and it suddenly becomes really ominous and your players know they’re heading towards danger, it’s just so satisfying and triggering those one shots such as a zombie growl or wolf howls etc. being able to instill fear in your players with a simple sound that you just clicked is pretty cool.

Don’t overthink it, just have fun with it, play with it before your games so you can get used to it and as always if you need any more help, just ask.

Thank you so much Vicki. I will continue to play with it, and hopefully I can get to where I can DM and DJ together.

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