Release announcements

Hi Guys

Thanks for all your hard work.

Is there a place where you annonce new releases of the online player and the release notes?


Try this link - it wasn’t carried over, when the creator became Syrinscape Online…

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I would love to see a what we are working on thread also. The one at the top of here doesnt seem to have been updated in a while :slight_smile:

Any kind of “Recent Updates / Releases” sticky would be a really nice thread. That way I could subscribe to it and play with all the awesome new content you all are producing.

That and some way to better organize or filter the soundsets in the Online Master Interface / Soundset-Creator.

Hi all! :smiley:

The dev team has been working on a BIG update to the latest version of Unity which required that the whole codebase be translated from Unity Script to C# = a HUGE job which is aaaaalmost complete.

So the next thing that will happen is a new version (sooooooooon) which mostly similar features to the current versions (with a few fixes), and THEN after that expect more regular incremental updates for the future.

Makes sense? :slight_smile: