Reign of Winter


I am starting Reign of Winter and was looking for winter themed or other appropriate music. I was wondering what other people found useful for it.


Icy wasteland would definitely be my go-to set. You could take elements from that and add it to any of the other soundsets to give them a cold, frigid and icy touch

I’m sure @HECook will also have lots of awesome ideas of which sets would work well for that campaign :slight_smile:


I’ve been summoned! @adrianschauer, what places, monsters, and moods are there in the campaign, and I will certainly be happy to recommend what soundsets are needed!


The first part of the AP has a very strong Russian, fey, and winter vibe.
most of the memorable encounters are with different sorts of fairies.


I need some more specifics, please! Where are the characters? Forest, village, city, inns, caves, dungeons, etc? Name some specific sorts of places. With the fey encounters, are they negotiations or bargains or fights? If fights, are we talking small fey with magical powers? Ordinary weapons? Big monstrous fey? Tree-like fey? What kind of fey? What’s going on?! :smiley: