Reecommended set for SciFi?

Hi all!
Been on and off on roleplaying this year, and for this reason I don’t trust myself on a monthly subscription. However I had my eye on one of the purchase once sets for Syrinscape.

I have the concern of making a wrong starting choice when it comes to diversity. Which of all sound sets would you recommend if I wanted a bit of “everything”? I play more modern to scifi - Is the SciFi Start-Set a good choice or any custom recommendation? Are there usually discounted sets or packs? or most usually the sets come individually?


I don’t know if it’s useful but you can click on the sets you’re thinking of buying and you should be able to watch a YouTube video of Ben demonstrating the sounds within the pack so you can get a sense of which one might be best for you. The free content that comes with the sci-fi player is also really good and varied and the sci-fi starter pack is a great place to start. Might be worth you taking a look at that and watching the video to see if it’s varied enough for you.

You can also buy a sci-fi subscription which is cheaper than a supersyrin subscription if that’s within your price range and that’ll give you access to everything sci-fi and that’s incredibly varied.

Hope that helps.

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