Red Question mark on host


I am using the online player.
I have connected to the game and my name is listed as connected, but I cannot get any sounds. There is a big red question mark on the host pic and if the background changes, there is a red question mark there as well.


I’ll take a look at this.

*finds hammer


Hmmm… server is up and running nominally, and it’s all working for me.

When you say “I have connected to the game”, do you mean you have used a link to become someone’s Minion? Send a screenshot of '?'s?

  1. Try breaking the link (with the breaking link picture at the top right of the Online Player, restarting, relinking?

  2. Try LEAVING the game on the /cp/ page and then following again?

  3. Keep and eye out for Goblins?!

Let me know how you go!


Yes, I tried breaking the link and rejoining. I have not tried #2, I will try that next.

Here is the screen shot:


Is Ryan a SuperSyrin currently?


Yes 2 other players can connect fine