Red Flags on Waterdeep


Do you have an update log for all the stuff changed in Waterdeep? I cant tell any differences. It is mostly my lack of perception skill or my roll is bad, but it looks the same to me.


The red flag indicates a change in any part of the soundset. It could be as simple as changing a reverb setting in an element or as complex as adding a mood.
Usually it’s just maintenance work, evening out some bumps, so most of the time there isn’t really a need for a change log. Note that it will also effect any soundset the worked on thing is in, so you probably have more than one flag. :smiley:

If there is something major changing, having a change log would be a good idea though.


There were a few small changes.

  1. I added an ID voice on the “Official D&D” OneShot"
  2. In Yawning Portal, I made significant fixes to Durnan’s voice
  3. Other stuff I can’t remember.