Red Flags On Sound Sets

Hi There,
I use the Fantasy Player quite often on my tablet, Today when I logged into the Fantasy Player I found 119 red flags on the various sound sets I have loaded indicating they need to be updated. But when I try to update them, the red flag remains. Am I doing something wrong? Also, why would there suddenly be so many updated sound sets?

One of the sound sets that got a flag to update is a custom sound set I put together for our D&D session planned for tomorrow night for my grandson. The sound set had two one shots of a wolf howl and wolf attack, but those would not play for me on the Fantasy Player. I went into the Online Player creator (via my computer) and removed the two wolf one shots and replaced them with different but similar one shots. I then went back to the tablet and the Fantasy Player where I removed the custom sound set and then reloaded it. But it still shows the old version of the custom sound set and still sports a red flag.

What can I do to resolve this issue? :confused:

Heya @acroyear4 :slight_smile:

So… infos!

  1. we are just now doing a sweep over ALL our content and picking up (most often small) changes that have been made in content as played back in the Online (and Web) Players that had NOT carried through to the Fantasy Player. This is what has put all those flags there.
  2. ALSO we know there are some issues with the upgrade detection/presentation to users in the Fantasy Player right now. which we are investigating.
  3. It will always take a little while for changes made in the Online (and Web) Players to propagate to the Fantasy Player. If you seem to have something that is taking LONGER that it should OR longer than you’d like… reach out to us and we will bump your content up the list.
  4. atm, the combination of #2 and #3 can make it difficult to know when the change made in MI is actually effected in the FP, even after attempting to install/upgrade the SoundSet.

BIG NOTE: for the main (official) content (not your own), the Red Flag doesn’t mean “it’s broken and you need to update right away”. Very often we have just corrected a spelling mistake or replaced a single sample, or rebalanced a bit… so you are safe to go on using stuff with Red Flags as you like… and update as you are able.

TO DO: report to us what you are experiencing and how we can help you out. More info is always better! :slight_smile:

And MOSTLY = THANK YOU for your support as a subscriber… it’s your support that means we can continue to: a) build great content b) make it play good in the things.

:cupcake: :beers:

Thanks for the quick reply and information, Benjamin. That helps a lot. Thank you.

So far my experience has been that when using the Fantasy Player on my desktop computer, the red flags go away after the update has been completed for the individual sound sets. But on my tablet, the red flags remain after the update for a sound set has completed, calling into question if the update actually completed or not. Maybe that info will be useful to you and your team?

Finally, the homebrew sound set I created for my grandson’s adventure has not updated after almost 24 hours. I’m not sure how long it takes the changes made in the Online Players to propagate to the Fantasy Player, but that does seem like a long time. Also, the Online Player is now giving me a warning on the sound set that it is "Unable to prepare download. Processing time limit exceeded. The sound set might be too large?" Which is odd because the sound set is one of the smaller ones I’ve created, so I am puzzled by this alert.

If you or the team are able to give my homebrew sound set “The Magic Statue” a look or a bump, it would be appreciated.

Thanks again!