"Recently Used" tab


I was lucky enough to attend PaizoCon 2018 this weekend and to view the “Celebrity Gaming: Pathfinder” event during which I was able to see Syrinscape in action. After being impressed with the versatility and depth of the application, I suggested to Benjamin that they might include a “Recently Used” tab that would allow users that took the time to pre-create the session’s Syrinscapes but also had to improvise up some additional sounds during the session, allowing for a single spot to find all of the sounds that have been used so far without jumping to too many other tabs.

Benjamin asked me to submit it as a suggestion so I did!

Thank you again for creating such a wonderful system run add to the experience of RPGs.

Cheers, all!

Steven Vocke


Good idea. This would be useful.


I got into the online player this AM, and I was like “now, what was I working on Friday?”

I struggled to remember which sounsets and moods I was working on - or the names of them, so yeah, I would love to have a “Recents” list.


Good idea. I’ve made a ticket to track this request.