Recently lost ability to stream Syrinscape through Discord

I had followed one of the tutorials to get audio working from the player out to our Discord chat. Recently, that stopped working. I am not sure it feels like I lost it around the time I updated my computer to the latest Win10 service pack.

Has anyone else seen this?

Hi @sputumman

What method are you currently using to share your audio to Discord?

That sounds really annoying though. I hate it when an update stops other things from working. I hope it’ll be a simple fix.

I personally haven’t experienced any problems streaming the Online Player into Discord. If you’re able to give us more details on the problem you’re experiencing and the method you’re currently using, that would be really helpful.

Hi, i am having the same problem. I’m new with Syrinscape, but i was trying to use VoiceMeeter in conjunction with Discord to transmit the sounds of Syrinscape on the same conversation channel on Discord, using two different Discord accounts and instances, Canary and the default Discord. For some reason, the Canary instance does not transmit the sounds of Syrinscape. I admit that i am a layman on the subject of configuring audio devices on Windows, so i was following a tutorial i found on Youtube. Should i post the link to the tutorial here?

I am using VoiceMeeter with VBCableA and VBCableB. I use 2 instances of Discord: one set up for my voice traffic and then Discord PTB set up to get the Syrinscape audio data out to the voice chat. One week it worked, the next week using the same setup (I follow a doc I created as a cheat sheet every time I connected) it stopped working.

I tried using the same method as sputumman, plus i also tried creating a discord bot and send Syrinscape soundtracks through it. Nothing worked.

Is it possible that Syrinscape is switching back to whatever the default output device is? This happened to me and I used the Audio Router app to force it to switch to using Cable B input and its works fine.