Really no way to import? - RESOLVED


I really wish that custom moods could be imported to the online player. Why is this not an option? I really don’t want to start all the way over creating these moods, took me long enough to figure out how to do even that. If there is a way to import from the SciFi player to online I don’t know about, please let me know.


The Fantasy and Sci-fi players are both offline Players and designed for offline play. Custom moods built in them are stored to your devices local cache memory. Custom moods built in the offline apps are really so you can save a set of soundsas part of your prep or save what you currently have playing ready for the next session. The offline players have no way to export.

We built the Creator (which is now part of Syrinscape Online) for people wanting to be able to build soundsets and easily sync them between their devices. The creator gives far greater customisation, the ability to save and sync your creations and of course the ability to upload your own samples and music.


So to have custom soundsets in the online creator, I have to rebuild them? Or is it not a function of it all? I know it’s usually for playing offline, but no one is doing that right now. Just trying to make it as immersive as possible for my players


Yes you would need to build them using the Creator in Syrinscape Online. Once built though those soundsets will then be stored on the server and synced across all of your devices, including the offline App.

Custom moods built in the offline players are just a staved state, soundsets built in the Creator however have full customisation of every sample and element, meaning that you can get your soundsets to sound exactly as you need them for every scene


So last question, is there a way to see what elements are part of my custom mood in the offline player or would I need to play it and just search through all my soundsets, which just seems tedious.


The is no way, no.

Just one of the reasons doing your setups and customisations in the Online Player is a waaaay better option. :slight_smile: