Ready for a challenge?

I need a soundest for a fantasy (no sci-fi) lunar planet of sentient undead, while their lichee king gives and epic speech to the crowd in a large amphitheater. hahah help please

I’ve got a couple of possibilities - some of which depend on how you see your lunar planet. I take it the PCs will be walking about (though perhaps using magic/magic items to breathe), so are you viewing the planet itself as barren, dusty, desert-like? Is there a city around this amphitheater? Are their bodies of water/other liquids? Is there wind?

The easiest way to suggest a barren, desert-like planet (if this is the sort of thing that suits this world, let me know if not) would be with various wind sounds, perhaps with some ominous tones/sounds going on in the background. The Lunar Prison set is a good one, particularly the “Guard Post” mood.

For the speech in the amphitheater, try Sirens: Battle of the Bands. There is a couple of elements, “new crowd 1 - echoy” and “busy streets” (then this set also has such things as audience reactions, etc, if you need some cheers/boos/etc from the crowd during the speech). Then combine those with either some elements from Zombie Battle, such as “scratching bones”, “skeleton bones”, and “zombie mumbles”. And/Or from Undead Battle, “undead flesh” and “undead rasps”.