Random soundsets appearing in the player? - RESOLVED


I’ve been using Syrinscape for a while, and lately I’ve been getting some new soundsets out of the blue .

At first I thought “Maybe there are more free soundsets for everyone now”, but then I noticed that after a while the previous soundset is replaced by next one (PPT1, PPT2, now it’s on PPT3 Affair at Sombrefell Hall), and I can’t seem to find the previous soundsets in the store.

Is anyone else having the same issue?


The ppt Soundsets are the Pathfinder Playtest Soundsets, each Soundset is being made available to everyone during the two week period that Paizo are testing the matching chapter. After which the Soundsets are made Community Content and available to all of our SuperSyrin subscribers.

Take a look at the Soundsets credits (The little “I” symbol at the bottom left of the player) for more details about when the set is available from and till.


Thanks, I really liked some of them and I really want to purchase them :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you are enjoying them :grin:

Their not available in the store to purchase but since a lot of people have asked about keeping them we’ve decided that they will remain accessible by anybody with a SuperSyrin sub, along with the other great Community Content


Why cant we purchase them? It is amazing content.


Thanks glad you are enjoying them!

The soundsets are mainly built using moods and content from our existing soundsets and are designed to showcase our existing soundsets from both the Fantasy and Sci-fi catalogs. That’s the reason they are being released as Community Content rather than purchasable content, the content is already on the store.


then where is the drunk in PPT6 Red Flags 1 from? He is hilarious!
I also love the Noble fop in that set.


They are both from Seedy Tavern and the awesome voice of Morgan Jenkins of GoingBlindPodcast.com :slight_smile:


Bought! And as a fellow “Morgan”, I approve of his good work!


Awesome, then our cunning plan has worked! :grin:

Thanks for the support!


Wor hor hor! :smiling_imp: :laughing: