Questions on my published Soundset


Questions regarding TftYP: Tomb of Horrors Soundset

There are 2 moods in the sound set that I wanted to setup so that they used a oneshot sound when they started. I could not achieve this so I added a sound that repeats on a 5 minute timer. How can I fix this?

If I want to do updates to the soundset now that it’s been published, how do I do that?

Can you guys add an image for the soundset?

Is there a way to include a “read me” to the soundset, allowing users to see how they should/could use it?



One shots should have an option to trigger with a mood. Check mood settings if not in element settings.

To update already published community content you will need to email Ben or Steve. I currently do that to update the Tabletop Music soundset with new stuff.

Yes you can add art. Email Ben so he can add it.

Not sure on the info part but I’m sure @Steve or @benjamin would be more than happy to pick up that question.


Yep to everything @davinci522 said, he beat me to it.

Email Ben or myself once you have made the updates and we can publish those, likewise send either of us some art to use, but remember you must have the rights to share the art so make sure it is either Creative commons or your own etc.

We can add a small bit of text into the soundsets Credits, but be aware that a lot of people never actually click the credit button and space is limited :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll get back with the updates.