Questions from a new user


I just subscribed yesterday in order to try out the Creator, and I have a few questions/comments:

  1. I apologize if this is answered somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. If I upload a soundset, is it automatically made available to everyone? I have a large library of purchased music that I’d imagine can’t be legally shared.

  2. I understand that there is a limit to how large my soundset can be, which is understandable but unfortunate. How do I tell how large my soundset is before I attempt to upload it?

  3. If I can’t fit all my music into a soundset, is there any way, on the iPhone, that I can play music through iTunes in the background while using Syrinscape for sound effects in the foreground? I know you can’t currently run Syrinscape in the background, but even when it’s in the foreground, it shuts off all other audio apps that cab run in the background.

  4. Do you have any developer programs or API documentation available for those interested in creating their own software to manage their soundsets or enhance the existing solution?


I will try to answer as best as I could…

  1. When you upload a soundset you are the only person (apart from Syrinscape personnel of course) that can access it. So as long as you’re using your purchased music for your private sessions, there is no legal implication.

  2. There is no projected upload size anywhere in the creator - and with the creator making the step to direct to server editing, the upload size won’t matter to much. If you need to now how much you roughly gave to upload now, check how large your WAV file will be when compressed using the OGG algorithm.

  3. For now Syrinscape runs as exclusive app on mobile devices. That will change with the master/minion player branch fwik.

  4. Not sure what you talking about here, but there’s a 3rd party integration possible and quite a lot used I guess. Check for eg. Fantasygrounds or URI keywords.

I am on my cell so finding and posting links right now is a pain you know where… :wink:


Thank you! Looking forward to the updates! :smile:


Hi ya,

  1. Yes, we are headed in this direction, with an API for triggering and controlling the Minion Players… you should be able retrieve SoundSet data (= what’s in SoundSets and Elements and Samples) and then trigger MOOD clicks and OneShot Playbacks via your own custom interface.

Expect this sometime THIS year (probably in the last quarter.