Questions about Syrinscape Online

  1. For playing with sounds online, the subscription is mandatory correct? it is not possible to purchase tracks without subscription in order to use it?

  2. How much freedom is possible when using the online app? Would I be able of playing sounds of different sets simultaneously? or only sounds from a chosen set can be played? (without having to build a custom set)


Hi there @saif1988.

You can absolutely buy soundpacks as you need them. For example if you just want the music for a certain chapter of the campaign you’re playing, you can just buy that pack.

However, if you then want to share those sounds online to your players via the Online Player, you will need a Supersyrin sub and to be honest, it’s the best value for money if you play online often and want access to our entire library of sounds.

BUT if you check out this video, it will show you what’s possible without a subscription.

Syrinscape Online gives you TOTAL freedom to create what you want.

What is it you’re specifically wanting to do? If you tell me what you’re trying to achieve, I can probably help you :slight_smile:


Hey thanks Vicki!

I am definitely thinking about it. The problem is how often I play, as my games run sporadically. But, leaving that aside, my current hesitation is for example:

We’re playing in a Cyberpunk Disco, so I choose the “Cyberpunk Party” set, which has lots of sounds and music. But imagine something bizarre, as of a sudden, an ALIEN comes into the Disco Party, and I need an Alien Sound.
If this happened as part of an improvisation, can I just go ahead to another set and play an ALIEN sound? or would I have to stop everything that is playing in the “Cyberpunk Party” set and move the entire people to the Alien Set?

hope that is clear!

Oh cool that’s totally possible with the online app. If you go into the soundset creator and press play on the Cyberpunk Party, that’ll play all of those sounds as intended then if you want to play an alien sound, click the library drop down on the right, search for the alien sound you want and click that play button and it’ll play along with the Cyberpunk party sounds. You can click on the play button again to turn it off whenever you want to (unless its a one shot).

You can just copy the alien sound to that soundset if you want to. If it’s set as a oneshot you can trigger that whenever you want to.

I hope that all makes sense.

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Hey @saif1988

Here’s a good video showing just this sort of thing you are describing. :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps.
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