Question regarding Live Streaming


Our 1.5-year-old podcast, the Flying Bison Podcast, just started streaming on Twitch and we’re thinking about using Syrinscape for soundscapes/ambiance. We are the longest-running Avatar Legends Actual Play podcast, which is a Powered by the Apocalypse game.

One of the tenets is “play to find out” which often means that my players throw me curve balls on the types of settings they end up in.

In reading through the licensing for live streams it sounds like credit needs to be given as the soundscapes come up, is that correct? How do we do this if for instance I plan for a certain soundscape and the episode goes in a completely different direction? Is it enough to credit it in notes in the stream once we publish the video after?

It’s mainly a case of giving credit as and where possible. So if you post the show up on YouTube then you should be able to include the credit list as part of the text description. Likewise you don’t need to talk about the SoundSets you are using but we do ask that you mention Syrinscape as part of your intro or part way through the show etc.

You can see more details about the best ways to give credit Here

Most importantly though best of luck with the show! As a long time Avatar fan I will definitely try and swing by! I can’t believe I didn’t realise you had been streaming the game so long!! :grin: