Question about general timelines


Just joined up and have had session zero of Dungeon of the Mad Mage last week when I found that levels 1-6 are on here with 7-9 coming. What is the general pipeline/timeline for the release of levels usually? It would be a shame to start off with these with my players expectations very high and then hit the last published level and go "Yeah, so, sorry but we’re back to whatever voices I can do and some sounds I find online.

If it’s something like a few months then I could consider it, but if it’s more like “Yeah so next year we might have the next couple of levels” then I probably wouldn’t. It looks amazing but I can see a drop in ‘quality’ when I run out of sounds eventually :confused:


They are expected to be released come Summer. However, a lot of that does depend on the quickness of WotC to approve official sounds for D&D. Most of the pre-made adventures such as Curse of Strahd, Dungeon of the Mad Mage, Descent into Avernus, etc…take the typical party close to a year to complete. So, if your party meets once per week and levels up once per month to complete the campaign in nine months, it should be ready in time for your party, even if it is a late Summer release.

For more information on the expected timeline schedule, check the Syrinscape main page to this link here:


Levels 10 to 12 are on the build schedule for June, 13 to 15 for September. Depending on other stuff there MIGHT be a 16 to 18 build window in December. The unique environment in every level does make it challenging of some sort. Building them as fast as possible… :wink: