Purchased soundsets and online player


I am about to start running an online D&D Descent into Advernus campaign and was thinking about buying the Advernus soundset to enhance the experience for my players. However, from what i have read on you website, in order for me to play the sounds to my remote players using the syrinscape online player i also need a supersyrin subscription (even though i own the soundset outright). Is this correct or have i misunderstood this?


Syrinscape Onlines Remote Player does require the host/GM to have an active SuperSyrin subscription, which also unlocks access to all of our soundsets, Community Created Content the Soundset Creator and early access to many of our new releases.

It is also possible to use the Offline Genre Players in your online games buy using VoIP software like Discord, but these wont ever sound as good as using the online remote player and do take some setting up. You can find a guide on how to use those HERE