Purchased LMOF pack, not showing - RESOLVED


Hello I just bought the $15 lost mine of Phandelver pack and it’s not showing in my iPad app. I’ve refreshed multiple times, logged out and back in multiple times, and closed the app multiple times with no luck. Please help! I’m running a game in an hour!


Same for me, any help would be appreciated.


@awguitar Did this get going for you in time. (Either way I’ve reset your account now already)

@here_comes_the_dead If you can wait a moment @sonofconan will look into your account properly (otherwise I will just hit reset right away) Let us know. :slight_smile:


@here_comes_the_dead I just fixed a bug that was preventing the available content from updating in some circumstances. Please let us know if it’s working for you, and if you run into any other problems.


Thanks for the quick fix :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: