ProTip - Trouble Shooting Online Player connections!

Ben shares some hot tips for getting your players connected and hearing the awesome sounds of Syrinscape for Online Player.


Many thanks for making this video! I came across it in your e-mail announcement about ProTips and I’m thankful I did. I’ve been running a campaign online using a VTT and I’ve been using Syrinscape Online to enhance those sessions. As you can imagine, having five people logging in via multiple platforms (Windows laptop, iPhone, Windows tablet) and getting the “I don’t hear anything” comment from one of the players is both disheartening and difficult to troubleshoot. This (along with your 3 Steps to getting the Online player in the first place) make great companion pieces to each other and offers me a start point for troubleshooting what the issue may be. Thanks again, Ben!


Thanks for the feedback @erik.heiser.

Yes, we often hear people say that some of their players can’t hear Syrinscape and in most cases, it’s simply because they have missed a step in getting set up. Hopefully, these videos will make it much easier for people to both get set up and troubleshoot any issues :slight_smile:


We’ve followed all these steps and I am (as the player) STILL not hearing or seeing anything. This is what my player looks like. So I’m connecting properly. Everything is turned up. I checked all the volume on my computer to make sure another program isn’t turning everything down. We had it working earlier this week and now its not working.

If you have followed all of the steps in the set up video and gone through the trouble shooting above and its still not working then you may want to check your connection speeds to the server.

On the left-hand side of the screen next to the version number you’ll the ms (speed) and the server number as well as a refresh symbol. Just hit the refresh symbol to jump to a different server. Syrinscape will automatically change your server if it detects a problem but you can always trigger it yourself if you are having problems, especially at the weekend when the servers are busy