Product does not work - RESOLVED


I bought a fantasy subscription, Made a fantasy campaign with some soundsets online, and it would not update on the application. I also deleted a few campaigns and it would still be in the desktop app. I tried re installing sycriscape and now I have the follow error.

Attention -

Syrinscape was not able to load it’s soundset data, Please check your internet connection.

I have perfect internet. Can’t even get into the application.

I just paid money and I either want this fixed or I want a refund.


Already sorted on email.

Anyone else readying this: don’t hesitate to ask us for help to give your account a kick… looks like the server is being a little slow to verify new purchases and subs at the moment. We are investigating why… …with a hammer!


I’ve just deployed an update that I hope will help with the slow/missing genre player updates for campaign and private soundset changes, purchases, and subscriptions. Please let me know if you still see delays of more than ~10 minutes.