Problems with the new fantasy version

So, after a long absence, I loaded up the newest version of windows Syrinscape 1.4.10-p0 and the performance is even worse. Multiple not respondings, takes a long time to start something, even playing instant sounds takes a few seconds. Logging in took minutes! Just to type my password I went through three Not Responding results.

Clicking on a soundset took forty seconds for it to be ready to play with one Not Responding. That was the first soundset. The second only took fifteen seconds to come up. The third took about ten seconds to switch to it. Fourth and subsequent ones take five seconds to switch to.

I do a search and grab the tiny thin scroll bar and if my pointer leaves the scroll bar, it stops scrolling and I have to grab it again.

Where is the improved search interface? Where are the improvements?

Hi @evildmguy,

The performance shouldn’t be any worse. What are you running it on?

DO NOTE: on first run, there is a LOT of downloading and sorting and stuff that happens in the background to get setup… depending on your internet connection this can take a little while.

forty seconds

Yeah, probably due to the first time run.

Yes, the scrollbar dragging does have a bug, but scrolling with a roller should still be smooth(ish)?

Improved search is still on its way.

We had a real dev crunch since Nov, losing a significant team member at the Interaction Consortium, so despite having the financial resources we weren’t able to finish off the stuff we wanted to get done… soooo we went into recruitment mode. Turns out this takes a LOT of time and emotional energy, BUT as you might have seen form our Socials we have TWO new shiny dev people in our internal team! Yay!

BUT of course, on boarding new dev members takes a lot of time too! :smiley:

That said, @sonofconan just pushed what should theoretically be a final draft of the new search to Staging for us all to test… so that SHOULD be arriving on Production in the next week or so.

Thanks for your continued engagement and patience!

There IS accelerated dev progress happening right now, which should really start to pay off through the rest of the year! :fireworks:

I can only say I hope so. I have been looking for a reason to subscribe again. I want to give you my money! I can’t justify it until at a minimum, searching and performance are improved.

Thank you for your reply.