Problems installing Dragon Heist Soundsets


I’ve been trying to install the Dragon Heist Soundsets, but unfortunately, every time I do it goes to 100% downloaded message and if I have something else queued up it also starts downloading that but not of them install.

I had the same problem with the Black Stars Beckon soundpacks but for those I found that closing the program, reopening it and restarting the download saw them successfully installed. No such luck with the Dragon Heist soundsets unfortunately.

Has anyone else been having similar problems? If so, have you found a fix?


It usually helps to cancel the download and start it again. It will load only the bit that is missing, not the whole soundset. Sometimes things get stuck during install for no apparent reason.


Yeah, depending on the quality of your internet connection AND how busy our server is AND how many sets you are trying to install simultaneously, you may have to just hit CANCEL and then DOWNLOAD again to get them to complete.

…not entirely sure why… …but there you go! :smiley:


Thanks! I think that’s mostly fixed it.