Problem with syrinscape-online and mac


I am trying to use the FGU Syrinscape extension on a mac.
However, it fails to play any sound giving the following message:

“There is no application set to open the URL syrinscape-online://…”

Trying to select the applications on the dialog does not register it.
If I understand correctly, this is a bug that the Syrinscape team should fix as the application is not registered to handle the URL on mac.

However, is there a way to workaround this?

I am having the same problem
is there a solution or something we’re doing wrong?

My FGU games now pop up that message hundreds of times. It obvious FGU is asking to play sounds from Syrinscape, I can’t find any info on this issue anywhere

This isn’t my area of expertise at all. Sorry I can’t be of any use but hopefully someone will be able to assist.

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I can help. Copy-paste from DMGuild. From the creators of the extension. BUT, Syrinscape online had some issues yesterday. Try it now see if it works. If not ask for help with the instructions below.

As this is a complicated programmed feature, if you are having any issues, PLEASE DO NOT make comments below, but rather come to our Discord and tag @Mattekure so he can help you…

Discord server -

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Apologies, I am the author of the FGU Syrinscape Extension from DMsGuild. The Syrinscape Online Mac clients do not currently register the URL handler, so that is what is causing the message to pop up. One of the Fantasy Grounds community members made a small utility that takes care of this issue. You can find the utility here:

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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond :slight_smile:

No problem, I normally try to respond quicker to these kinds of questions, but I somehow missed this thread.

I’m sorry, is there some sort of instruction on what to do with the link you provided? there are several files. ive no idea what or where to place the file download. I bought all the necessary FGU extensions and subscription to SS

Select Releases on the right hand side, then download the latest release 1.3. you will need to download the file and install the app inside. I dont use Macs, so I cant provide much support on how to use it.

The FG forum thread for this extension, and the Bridge app is

In the applications original post, the author stated:
In order to open app you may need to disable Gatekeeper. Run the app once in order to register itself with URL scheme.

Another user posted: Any Mac user just hold down the control key and click on the app and choose open from the menu. Once you do this once it should open normally by double clicking on it.