Problem with "Set Initial Volume" for an Element in Property Inspector

I’ll try to clearly explain my problem. For simplicity I will reference a single mood which has a single element that it plays when started.

My mood has an element in it which contains a playlist of BGM. I have balanced the element playlist since some of the tracks had a greater volume level upon import.

With the play list nicely balanced, I have then balanced the element to sit well with other play list elements so there is no noticeable change in volume (except where intended). I have also balanced to ensure a good degree of resolution is passed onto the end user as I am using the Syrinscape online player to broadcast to my players. By that I mean that their sliders offer a good degree of meaningful change. To begin with the mix was too loud and they basically had to work with the first 20% of their slider.

With the element playing at the correct level, and whilst I have the correct mood selected, I link them together using the “save current state” button in the mood section of the property inspector.

In the mood_element section of the property inspector the correct element has “start with mood” checked and the correct “target volume” for that mood.

Now, in the element section of the property inspector, the initial volume is set to 100%. So I attempt to, while the volume of the element is correct, use the “Sync Initial Volume”, which it does. This setting, as I understand it, sets the initial volume of that element when the player is loaded.

So after loading the player I click the mood that is setup as explained above.

For some reason the initial volume of the element has reset to 100%. Since the target level for the mood is (lets say 50%), Syrinscape steps in and automatically fades this down to the correct volume, which is exactly what I would want and expect in many situations but the result here is a kind of weird and sudden change in volume whenever the mood is first played. Its almost like a doppler effect as a car moves past you, just without the frequency change, only volume. Each time its volume starts at 100% before being faded down to 50%.

I can live with it for now but would really like to fix it soon so that the volume of the element, when played as a part of a mood its linked to for the first time after opening the player, is exactly at the correct volume for that mood, rather than the element, which keeps resetting to 100%. After that, the expected behavior is that the volume would automatically fade between different levels when different moods are selected that share the same element.

Sorry if I over explained any of that, just wanted to be clear as a lot of the other posts I looked at first seemed to be people that were just starting out and hadn’t got used to “save current state” for a mood. Maybe I am doing something really dumb and obvious (fingers crossed for easy solution) but I have tried a bunch of things and can’t sort it out.

This is all good text!

I thiiiiiiiiiink the initial volume only applies to the Offline Players… as I thiiiiiiiiink the volume of elements is meant to be preserved between uses… but maybe that is actually broken at the moment.

Thanks for the heads up, I will check it out. :slight_smile:

NOTE: another solution (for the moment) will be to set a small amount of time to the FIRST SAMPLE DELAY, parameter in the Element Inspector… this should give the element time to ramp to the correct volume before it plays its first sample.


Now… where’s my hammer to go check out this potential bug??? :microscope: :headphones: :hammer_and_wrench:

Okay for now ill add a small delay to the files that need it. I’d also like to say that the effect actually works really well for a couple of elements as it adds a nice punch when you first play it. Also thanks for the great work creating this software, it really lets me add emotional depth to my ongoing campaign!! Thanks for the reply.


I have the exact same problem — Initial Volume resets to 100% every time. Me and my players have had more than a few jump scares. More frustrating than that is that it has reset all of the sounds’ Initial Volume that I painstakingly set up one by one.

I believe this bug was introduced around the time the separate one-shot volume slider launched.

Yea it’s an issue I think they are aware of. As long as you set initial volume of the element up correctly, you can add a 1sec delay the fade down happens during the delay and then the element plays properly.

Sometimes it looks as though the initial volume has reset but its actually stored and set when the element starts playing.

While it’s a bit annoying to always set a delay it’s worth it compared to the “jump scares”. The delay itself is barely noticeable. I have got used to narrating in my game while also prepping syrinscape.with some practise you can get quite good at timing it right if like me the timing of the element is crucial!

Hope this helps you, good luck!

Yep, this is something we are aware of and will be fixing. In the mean time this workaround works well :slight_smile: