Problem playing custom soundsets in master



Recently subscribed and set about setting up a soundset for my game; imported all the samples and everything seemed to be working fine in creator mode, but after uploading the soundset none of the elements will playback, even ones taken from other soundsets. I can see them all there, but when I click them nothing happens.

To be fair I did literally just upload it ten minutes ago, is it just a matter of giving the server time to process it or should it work straight from once it shows up in the master interface?


Hi Willis,

Checking your SoundSet now. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned.


Yes. Definitely something is broke.

We are fixing now. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Is there anything I can do at my end or is it a server side issue? Hoping to use it for my game tomorrow night!


So, I can play your SoundSet in the Online Player,

Does that work for you?

You can also play it from within the Creator too,

And./or well get it sorted out in time, :slight_smile:


[copy from another thread]
OK. We’ve done some significant work over the last 48 hours and we are confident everything should be running MUCH smoother… no matter HOW busy this weekend is. Of course, there is nothing like the actual REAL world to test a thing… so all have a go and let us know if you have any more probs!

THANK YOU for your patience everybody!

And, if you’d be so kind… if any finds any more Goblins, let us know straightaway… and if you can, STAB them for us! :bug::dagger: