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hi, I would like to ask how can you just pick and mix some one shot sound to a custom mood without needing a 3rd party support nor paying for a monthly subscription for a custom online creator and all the functions that I won’t use cause I really won’t need them. I wanted to make a custom soundboard with sound from the “Cleric Spells Kyra” and some from “Valeros the fighter” that I just bought, and the Chanel negative energy from the “undead battle” since I play a male L-E Cleric Just simply, pick and mix. Like tabletop audio website app, with the custom soundboard program free and integrated inside. Cause, really, I have no use for Custom Creator, nor having access to all soundboards since I’m just playing some Pathfinder every week. If it’s possible, then how should I proceed, please, if not, then when ?

thanks for your time answering me, sorry for my english, not my nat language, also have a nice day.


Anybody can build custom moods within the App but to move around the oneshots you will need access to the Creator, which is part of Syrinscape Online. Syrinscape isn’t a soundboard that just plays loops, every sound element has lots of different setting, which is why we built the Creator into Syrinscape Online, allowing you to set each sound element to play exactly how you want it to. that level of control is not currently possible with the standard App

The Creator allows you to build completely new soundsets, customise your oneshots, copy and edit existing soundsets and add your own music and samples. That’s on top of all the great things that can be done with Syrinscape Online :slight_smile:

Ben posted up this thread that tells you more about it; Customise your Global OneShots? YES YOU CAN!


Well that’s definitely a nay, I don’t want to fully customize my oneshot with all the tools from creator, all I want is just a drag and drop sound bank, and if i wanted my music to be in the game, i just launch youtube on another thumbnail and set the music dont need a creator for that either. I find that totally unecessary to pay the equivalent of a month of Wow just to be able to drag and drop sound from a soundbank that I paid just to be able to play it in one sound set. May I ask for a refund ? I feel bad, cause I really wanted to use Syrinscape since I met some of your salesclerk at a convention at Cannes during Fij. I don’t know, but I can hardly understand that choice of forcing people to pay for those tools they don’t necessarely needs. Also, I do understand that it’s not just a stupid loop soundboard like we get in internet, so I do know that some mood button can really change the whole ambiance in just one Click but clearly I would rather pay for soundset I like and that I can choose rather a subscription. Cause, IMO I don’t plan to play tabletopRPG just a month a two, I intend to play it as long as I can, with a year subscription (131.88 bucks) I could buy all the soundset I need for years and years of gaming to come. I hope somehow, and someday, the CEO would like to plan something as simple as the custom soundbank with all the soundbank you got and one shot for free. Cause it’s the MASSIVE drag down of that app. But maybe I’m just a “customer” and many more to come won’t be like me.


The Creator is a powerful tool, which allows you full customisation of your soundsets. It took a lot of work to develop and build, which is why it’s part of a subscription rather than the free app. It also uses all of Syrinscape’s samples and music so access to all of the soundsets is required for you to be able to properly use it.

A subscription offers a lot in return for it’s price, $10.99 gets you access to over 500 dynamic, none repeating soundsets, community created content, as well as access to Syrinscape online for VTT gaming and the Creator for adding your own content and building soundsets. On top of all that you get permanent ownership of any new content we release during your sub. Last month that was over $40 worth for that one monthly price. On top of all that a subscription helps to make sure that we can continue to develop new tools and soundsets for people to use and enjoy.

If you would still like for us to refund you for the content you purchased we can happily do so, just email us at support with details of your PayPal account and we can sort that out for you.


If I make a syrinscape online super subscriber subscription, gather all the oneshots I like in one soundset. Will it still be available when I terminate my subscription?


You will maintain access to all the custom content you build as long as you maintain ANY level of sub at all. Including the lowest level = server access.

(you need a SuperSyrin to build and ANY sub level to use)

Sense makes? :slight_smile:


THX for a fast answer!

You will maintain access to all the custom content you build as long as you maintain ANY level of sub at all. (Understood)
(you need a SuperSyrin to build and ANY sub level to use) Understood

Including the lowest level server access = online?
I have purchased DH1-4 and downloaded it. is that = server access?
If not, then can you please tell me what is?


he he
I don’t understand any of these questions. :smiley:
Can you rephrase? :slight_smile:


:smiley: I can try!

How do I obtaint:
The lowest level = server access?


When you have a look in the store, you will find this:

This is the basic server access subscription you will need to access all your custom build stuff.

What you purchased is a totally different thing and has nothing to do with server access.

Helpful? :grinning:


Yes. Thats answer my question, thank you!