Private Soundsets Not Appearing in Side Bar

I’ve used Syrinscape for quite a while and have probably 15 custom soundsets I’ve used over the years. When my campaign went on hiatus for a few months, I canceled my subscription, but I’ve just started it again.
For some reason, none of my custom soundsets appear natively in the left-hand list. Thankfully, if I search for them by keywords, I am able to find all my soundsets.
Did something get changed/updated so that private soundsets have to searched for? Or is there maybe just some issue since I’ve literally just started my subscription again. While I was unsubbed, the soundsets wouldn’t appear in a search, nearly giving me a panic, but after subbing, they do appear when searched.

Oh I’m dumb. I somehow favorited a bunch of random soundsets, and those were appearing above the ones I created. So no problem at all, actually.

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