Princes of the Apocalypse?


Anyone currently working on making a community sound set for this module? If not, I may get started on it. If someone’s already working on it, do you want some extra help?


This would be cooooooool!

…aaaand I can btw confirm we are NOT current working on this right now (officially) so as far as I know you won’t be duplicating anything!


Okie dokie. I’ll put together a spreadsheet of encounters / distinctive sound areas and see what’s been done in other DnD sound sets that already covers those things (so I can prioritize things that are unique to this module).


Hi there!
I would love a Princes of the Apocalypse soundset! I just started this campaign and, mainly for a lack of time, i am struggling to find the right sounds!
Any help will be much appreciated!
If there is any way i can assist, please let me know.
Thank you!