Prerecorded Credits


Hi there,

thanks for the incredible music. It enhances my games quite a lot. As I have random listeners quite often and get asked quite often, what this music is, I always say “Syrinscape, cause epic games need epic music.” My players say it with me and it’s quite funny. Question: Could you record this sentence and make as a button on the right side so I can just play it?

Kind regards


I am assuming you are recording it if you have listeners. If so you could cut just that part out and upload it. It seems that your players have a fun time saying it with you. It would be cool to keep that instead of just Ben or Steve making a generic one.

They also have logo images that you can upload in your comment section of something for those that read it, they can see it right away.


Have you seen the Kingslayer streamer? He streams Fortnite. He has these fun cutaway where the screen suddenly changes to a castle and there is epic music and he says, “welcome to THE KINGDOM” every time someone subs… his viewers love it. You could do something like that.

And also, yes, I’ll get you a recording of me saying it to… maybe with some enhanced BASS in my voice! :smiley: