"Preparing Download For Fantasy Player" taking too long - RESOLVED

I’ve been using Syrinscape for over 3 years. But as I’m prepping a new Soundset, it stays in limbo and doesn’t download to the Fantasy Player. I get the “page” logo saying “Preparing to Download to the Fantasy Player” but it never does. :confused:

I’ve never had this issue in the past. I have a game I’m running this Saturday, and the soundset I’m trying to use is figuratively taking forever to download to the Fantasy Player.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.
*FYI, the soundset I’m trying to download to the fantasy player has only 42 “sounds”

That would usually mean that something is preventing the app from connecting with our servers. Have you tried logging out of the app and back in again, which will make the app attempt to reconnect? Do you get any kind of error message?

If you are still having no luck, drop us an email at support with some details of the device you are using and the Soundset you are having trouble downloading and we can take a look for you.

You may also want to try the new Web Player, which works directly from your browser so there is no need to download anything

Logging out doesn’t do the trick (either on my device or my PC). I sent an email with more information and a picture to the Support Email.

Also, it only effects soundsets I create or duplicate; all other original or unedited soundsets are able to download to the Fantasy Player

Lastly, how do I access the new Web Player?

I’ve just responded to your email :slight_smile:

For the Web Player, simply click the “Play now” button on our webpage or follow this link

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I’m having this same problem. Soundsets stuck at “Preparing Download for Fantasy Player” for hours now.

Was there a fix for this aside from using the web player?

Send us the specific exact name of the SoundSet (copied form the SoundSet inspector) that is stuck and we will hit it with a hammer directly on the server.

Note: if your SoundSet is reeeeeeeally big, it can help to cut it into two halves to help it to more reliably prepare.

When I posted, I believe the problem was fixed. I’ve been using the Fantasy player for several years now and this was the first major issue I ran into. I’ll be checking it out again this weekend; hopefully things are back to normal.

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Hi there,

This issue has re-appeared again today with all soundsets I’ve touched today now stuck on Preparing for Download (even those without any moods or files attached).

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Well spotted, the task manager responsible for preparing the SoundSet downloads got distracted smelling flowers or something. I gave it a swift kick about one and a half hours ago, and it spent about half an hour catching up on all the work it was procrastinating with. This should mean everything is back to normal now, please let us know if you still have stuck SoundSets (including title please)!

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Thanks for the report. Letting us know when something doesn’t seem right is an important step in us getting it fixed quickly.

And on that topic: the support emails get seen more quickly than forum posts, so that should always be a first point of call.


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I am having this issue now. My soundset I made last night is still in limbo. I made another one and copied everything to it and its still in waiting to download to fantasy player limbo.
I have a live stream tm night and I really need this.
How did everybody else solve the problem?

I’ve just given your soundset a quick bump and replied directly to your email. Hopefully that should get things moving again for you

Thanks for the quick response. Appreciate it. All good now. Thanks

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Howdy! Also having an issue where 2 soundsets are not loading, one started a week ago, and the other a little while ago. Who should I reach out to?

Thanks for all your help!

Problem has recurred once again. I’ve sent an email to support as requested.