Powerful catholic church soundscape

So most of the temple/church sounds I’ve found have been of the more eastern or quiet monestary type. I’m wondering if there are any sound sets with powerful bells, organs, gregorian chants… etc?

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Hmmm… interesting request… not really.

There is a ‘Dracular’ style Organ in the Spooky SoundSet.

Might be a fun thing to make! :slight_smile:

I’d second some Gregorian chanting, carillon bells, hymn-like organ music, handbells, etc. :slight_smile:

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Temple of Abadar mood of the new Crimson Throne will have some chanting background. Not Gregorian, but something new to play with. :wink:

Chanting in unison, chanting in unison, chanting in unison… :smiley:

I am working on some chanting music similar to Hollow Bastion (Choir singing, bells, and deep base for those that don’t know what it sounds like) from KH2. Haven’t gotten it to flow quite right but I will release it with my other songs I am making once I get something good.


@davinci522 DO IT! :sunflower::dolphin::ok_man:

I would love if there was an official sound set for a temple/church! I’ve always felt that was missing, and I never have any useful sounds to use when my PCs visit their temples in-game.

Yeah something for the Western European vibe would be helpful. I’d also LOVE if there was something for the EASTERN European and East Med. vibe (Byzantine or Znemmany style chant for E. Orthodox Christianity; or something from the Levant / Egypt / Arab Peninsula from the Islamic tradition; or really anything from the Judaic tradition).


There are some newer sounds, particularly from the new Curse of the Crimson Throne sets, that work pretty well too. (Maybe some of them might eventually be breakout sets?) In the Infection set, there’s a mood called Temple of Abadar - That includes some temple chants and magical resonance and uneasy wind, which gives a sense of space in a stone building.

Also, the Chess set in the Board Game player has the “Bishop” one-shot, which has short Gregorian chants.