Please Improve Website Direction to Online Player


I’ve been running a lot of games through Discord. I love the Syrinscape Online player software. It’s wonderful. HOWEVER – the problem is when I’m linking people sometimes they don’t grab the link I have to the direct online player and will download the offline player.

This is always 15-20 minutes of confusion as I try to get them to download the correct software.

Can you guys do something about this? At least 50% of my players to a new game make this mistake.

edit: Yes, I’ve provided step-by-step instructions and link them to the online player. I don’t know why this is an issue other than it not being explicit on the website. When you GOOGLE syrinscape, the automatic download is offline.


This is definitely on our todo soon list. Thanks for the feedback.


Second this. I’ve had exactly the same experience with new players.


Yes, this is much needed. I have to always walk my new players through this process or else there is much confusion about how to sign up, download, and link the online player.