Please Help with founding sounds for a mood

Hello Syrinscape Community.

I wonder if I can get some help. I am trying to find sounds of what would be an orbital bombardment of a planet. I have tried some of the sounds of the explosions but they feel closer (ground explosions). I am hoping to find some sort of distant explosions as Mighty battlefleets start dropping bombs on the planet. Is part of a mood I am creating where my players will be invading a planet, but as they fall down, with drop ships there are orbital explosions on the planet. Hope you all understand what I am trying to find and get some help. Thx beforehand and happy gaming

On the Sci-Fi player:

Spaceship Battle has some good ones. The bomber hits one-shot is about what you’re looking for.

Also a number of the Starfinder ships have some really nice ones.
Starship - Kasatha Gargantuan - Idaran Millennia has a one-shot for “super plasma cannon” that’s nice.
Starship - Pact Huge - Atech Immortal has a one-shot for “heavy plasma torpedo launcher”

And there’s lots of others (and those above) in the Starship Weapons (Starfinder) set. Tactical Nuke Launcher, Heavy Nuke Launcher etc.

The set The Devourer has an element called “distant destruction” that could be useful.

And Alien Storm has various “thunder” elements that would also work well for distant destruction.

I hope that helps!

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