Please Change UI - Some Suggestions/Observations


Forgive me if 1+ have already been mentioned, but the following would make life 9587x better if at least a few of these would be able to be added;

  1. Alphabetize the Soundsets that we can download
  2. Indicate in some way which Soundsets have already been downloaded so we don’t have to scroll up and down (trying to find the spot we were at (see #1))
  3. Enable a preview of what sounds are contained within a Soundset without us needing to download the thing or go to the Player to cross-reference.
  4. Enable a download queue like the Player has.
  5. Add a menu in which we can browse all the SFX to quickly ID the ones we want to add to our own creations
  6. The log doesn’t have dedicated space. It just creeps above the Soundset menu so we either turn it off completely or just deal with it covering up menu items.
  7. The Library “?” only does anything when submenu items specifically are selected. Maybe move it to each section so it doesn’t give the impression it’s completely broken OR move all the Help text to the main “?” as an overall popup with all the submenu Help info in it?
  8. The Library “?” only does anything when Samples is selected. Maybe move it to Samples so it doesn’t give the impression it’s completely broken?
  9. Enable a scroll bar for the Property Inspector window itself (like there is for any internet browser window in general). When all the Property Inspector tabs are open it extends below the monitor’s viewing area, forcing the user to close tabs just to see the bottom of the window. Or maybe turn them into tabs to switch the entire window content itself instead of stacked drop downs?
  10. Label & change the button icon at the top of the page to Play/Pause or Play/Stop instead of Grey Pause/Blue Pause.
  11. General better Help info within the page itself so the user isn’t forced to watch videos on YouTube to even figure out how to begin it with what a Soundset is vs an Element vs a Sample. Or how the different Reverb options differ from one another (what does Poisoned even mean in regards to Reverb?? I don’t think the user should need to go one by one down each of them and try to memorize how they sound). Perhaps a URL to a Wiki?
  12. Vary the colors of the UI, in general, a little more. Medium Grey highlight over Dark Grey menu items doesn’t stand out. Neither does White over Medium Grey text highlights. Maybe highlight bar or text Gold to match the color scheme of your products?

I do really love what the product offers, it’s just not nearly as intuitive as the Player.


Yeah i would at least alphabatise the soundset list. I’ve wasted so much time scrolling up and down trying to find a soundset. A soundset search like in the player would go miles as well.


Although the current build of the Creator doesn’t yet have a search function it is set up so that you can use your browser’s find function. on Edge, click the three dots in the top right of your browser and select “Find on Page” and in Chrome again select the three dots and select “find” (sorry not sure about other browsers)

You can type in the word you want, hit return and the browser will take you to each use of the word and highlight it. Makes finding soundsets much easier!


Sounds like you guys are working on it… thanks for the stop-gap. I would hope no-one actually uses Edge…


I think grouping sounds sets would help…like all sounds sets for a given adventure path under one menu. Allowing multiple tiers on the side menu would cut down on the amount of things you need to look through. A basic tree structure with collapsible menus.


YES! Please alphabetize the soundset list!!!


Alphabetizing the soundsets and removing the ones i’ve already downloaded would be freaking amazing! I’ve accidentally downloaded the same ones multiple times without realising :frowning: as well as adding some kind of previewer! I would like to have an inclination of what it is before spending time to download.

My players and I really appreciate all the work and energy you put into this, thank you :slight_smile:


You seem to be using the old soundset creator. With all the functionality integrated into Syrinscape Online, you don’t need to download anything.
When you open Syrinscape online you will notice the same sections in the top row of the Ui you are used to from the old creator, but the workflow and details (like search function eg) is greatly improved. Just give it a try. :slight_smile: