Playtest Doomsday Dawn Soundset Duration - RESOLVED


For the Pathfinder Playtest there is a custom soundset for Doomsday Dawn, however on the note that comes with the Playtest materials it says that the soundsets will retire after each chapter of testing is completed.

Due to time issues I won’t be able to run the module until after the chapters have expired, is there any chance once these are removed from the free use for each chapter they can be left up as permanent packs for subscribers or a pack which can be purchased?

I realise these are all sounds from other packs and as a SuperSyrin I could in theory just recreate them, but it’s a lot of work which has kindly been done by others already.


I second this. I would be willing to pay for continued access to the playtest soundsets (either via subscription or buy buying them individually)!


Okay so the soundsets were only due to be used for the short duration of the Playtest and contain content from both the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Player.

Since we’ve had a lot of great feedback on them though and people want them to last longer how about this. Once they are due to end we will instead leave them running as community content only. Soooo then just grab a SuperSyrin Subscription at least for the duration you’ll need access to them. :slight_smile:


That sounds perfect to me Steve, thank you! :heart_eyes:


Thank you for bringing this up, I wanted to know that too! In addition, I suspect that my players may progress through the adventures faster than projected. If we subscribe, do we get access to all seven parts right away and maintain access to them, or will each part be released according to the Paizo schedule?


The sets are part of the official Playtest so each Soundpack will be released per their schedule :grin: