Players joining online game

Does the game master have to have a SuperSyrin for players to join online?

Yes, just the Games Master needs a SuperSyrin, ANYONE else who they might want to be in their game only needs a FREE registered account. :slight_smile:

So what is the value of the lesser subs or is there another way for players ot hear sounds?

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The lesser sub is for the off-line player; which installs locally on your PC and only plays sounds locally on your PC (for at-the-table sounds).

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Yes, he needs SuperSirin. Any other players they might want to see in their game only need a free registered account. Your question reminded me of when I learned to create servers in Minecraft. Too, pretty hard at first, it went, but then I adapted and learned to use all the tools necessary to create a server. You can look them up on Minecraft pixelmon servers if you want to check them out. So if you learn, success will come anyway. My advice is that you want to burn out in the first few days because it will be hard to do something.