Players hearing sea elements and nothing else no matter what's done

Hey there-- a few weeks ago, I had a mood that played sea elements among other things. Now though, they can’t hear anything else-- when I’m not playing anything, they hear the sea, when I play a different one, it’s still the sea. It’s not even the full mood, just the sea. They’ve tried use the web, they’ve tried the app, it’s always the same. Strangely, I can hear the sounds I want to be playing fine. What do I do?

Hi @dicewillroll,

Sounds like you need to check they are connected to the correct game session.

Try this:

  1. go to
  2. get your sound running to check YOU are hearing the right thing
  3. drop down the hamburger menu at the top right
  4. use the SHARE AUDIO link to copy the game session link to your clipboard
  5. get your players to nav to that link (in a fresh tab)

Works now?

Also: keep an eye out for quite short green things with nasty sharp knives… kill any of those you spot.

Let us know how you go!

Good hunting!