Players could barely hear or couldn't at all


Hey, new to this so likely missing something.

I sent my players the invite link. I saw that they were in the game, I had to approve some of them?

One player could barely hear the sounds and the others couldn’t at all. I’m not sure if they set everything up properly but just looking for some clarification on steps I need to take to ensure it works.

My player was open and running, we were using discord for chat.



Could you barley hear anything? There are a few places to change volume. On the online player itself there is a general volume control, each element has its own volume control also, each player has a volume control on their end, and then finally the general volume of their computers.

Maybe test changing these sliders one by one to see if that helps.


Sorry I didn’t mention that.

I could hear it fine through my headphones. I maxed out both the sliders and it didn’t seem to do anything for them. It did on my end. We were already in the session and didn’t mess around with it too much. Hoping to run some tests with people tomorrow.

Can I get a more in depth process of inviting people. The page I found simply says send the link to your friend. It didn’t mention anything about approving, and it seemed I only had to approve one of them.

I don’t know if it will solve the problem but it would be helpful to have a step by step guide I can send new players. I’ve never personally been on the player side of Syrinscape so not sure of how the process looks for them.

Thanks for the quick response!


I guess you have already seen this:

and just need more detailed instructions?



Yeah I saw that, and it seemed simple enough and it is but it’s lacking some information about requesting to join games of people you’ve previously played with. Which made me wonder if there’s something else simple I’m missing.


Syrinscape Online is still technically in beta but is due for a proper release very soon. Ben’s working on putting together several in-depth tutorial videos to go through the process step by step, hopefully this first one will help, which you can see Here

With regards to the volume, by default, the Player App opens at 50% volume, so if some of your players are struggling to hear things they should turn that up before adjusting the volume of the device they are using. Likewise, you can increase your master volume and then your players can adjust their volume until they get the right level

Hope that all helps a bit :slight_smile:



Love the quick responses. I’m hopefully going to have a chance to test it with some players today or tomorrow before the next game I’m running.

I’ll update if I find out anything


Hi @starfinderwithclews

Here’s a detailed setup for play video. :slight_smile:


I’ve already posted the link to that one :grin:


If a person has played with you before, they’ll be in your contacts and vice versa. From the control panel, you’ll be able to invite them to join your game (they will need to accept) or they will be able to request to join your game (you will need to approve). If you send them the link, and they click on it, they will automatically join your game (no confirmation on either side).

It sounds like one person requested to join your game via their control panel, instead of using the link.