Players can't hear anything


I send the invite to all my players but none of them can hear the sounds I’m playing… which is weird as I do hear them in the player!!

Any ideas of what may be going on? We’re all tech-savy and checked all our settings. It’s surely not that.



I guess they all have installed the Syrinscape online client software? I had that on my last game just yesterday, where one of my players followed the link and was part of my game but didn’t have the player software installed. :slight_smile:


Have they all accepted the invite and got the Online Player app open and showing the soundsets you are triggering? If they are just seeing a silhouette of a wizard against a stormy sky then the app is still loading.

The server does seem to be being a little slow tonight so I’m guessing that your players may not yet be fully logged in.

We are looking into the slowness, which only seems to happen on busy weekend evenings so hopefully this wont be a problem for long :slight_smile: .


Anddddd of course, they didn’t have the app installed.

Sorry for the troubles guys!


Haha, no problem at all! :slight_smile: